Partner webinars

So that your partners can win customers with your created webinars for the team!

With this software feature, you can easily provide your existing or new partners with your already created, automated or recorded live webinars with just a few clicks so that they can immediately start acquiring new customers for your joint project with their own account.

Partner Webinare mit Webinaris Webinar Software

If your products or services are also sold by your partners, you can give them an optimal tool for sales with a partner webinar because no one can explain and describe your products more understandably than you yourself. Basically, the whole thing is easy:

You create an automated webinar and allow your partners to transfer it to their Webinaris account and invite participants. The attendee data then ends up directly with your partners, so they can continue to take care of the sales.

So that you still have full control over your webinar and your partners don't have to worry about setup or maintenance, your webinar is transferred with unchangeable settings and permanently synchronized with your original webinar. This allows you to make adjustments at any time if your portfolio changes, or you expand the functionality of your products.

Partner Webinare mit Webinaris Webinar Software

Your benefits:

webinaris features - Mit Partnern gemeinsame Kunden gewinnen

Acquiring joint customers with partners

Create automated webinars and allow your partners to use them as well – because no one can explain your offer as clearly as you can.
webinaris features - 100% Kontrolle über die veröffentlichen Inhalte

100% control over the published content

You can delete the webinar, replace the video, customize the email texts, or change other settings at any time – influencing the webinar you've delivered to your partners in real time.
webinaris features - Ein einziger Ansprechpartner für den Interessenten

A single point of contact for the interested party

The data of the participants your partners invite ends up in their own Webinaris accounts. This way, your mutual prospects have only one contact person and do not have to get in touch with different companies.
webinaris features - Einfache Anwendung

Simple implementation

It only takes a few clicks to provide an automated webinar for one or more partners.
webinaris features - Einfache Umsetzung

Simple application

In order for one of your partners to access your shared webinars, they only need to partner with you in Webinaris – they don't need to set anything else.