Simple. Effective. Reliable. Stable. Sophisticated.

Simple. Effective. Reliable.

Stable. Sophisticated.

The All-In-One Webinar Plattform

The All-In-One

Webinar Plattform

You want to use webinar marketing to automate your everyday business, to digitize your sales conversations? Do you need more spare time? Sorry, but then you can't avoid Webinaris. With Webinaris, you get everything to become successful with webinars.

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webinare von Webinaris

That and much more you get from €19 per month


Automated webinars


Interface connections


Live webinars


Finished webinar tunnel


Partner webinars


E-Mail Autoresponder


Meeting room


Free online training


Landing page generator


And much more

  • Automated webinars
  • Live webinars
  • Partner webinars
  • Meeting room
  • Landing page generator
  • E-Mail Autoresponder
  • Interface connections
  • Finished webinar tunnel
  • Free online training
  • And much more

One platform.

 All functions.

 Your success!

One platform. All functions. Your success!

With Webinaris, you get the most optimized and technically the easiest browser-based webinar software the modern internet world has to offer. Overwhelming features, easy to use, stable and guaranteed first-class support. You don't need any technical knowledge and can start immediately. With Webinaris, you get everything you need to become permanently successful with webinars!

Automated webinars

Use it to get more freedom in your business!

Create the perfect doppelganger with automated webinars from Webinaris, who wins leads & customers for you 24/7, automates your sales calls and never gets sick or needs a vacation. Record your presentation as a video, upload it to Webinaris and the algorithm behind Webinaris will perform for you 24/7, even when you're not working!

automatisierte Webinare sind sehr effektiv

Live webinars

Use them when you need authenticity and direct communication!

Live webinars are always used when it is important for your strategy to adapt your presentation to the questions and requirements of your target group in real time. Webinaris offers you everything you need to make a live webinar successful. And the best thing about it: You and your participants can start immediately without having to install any software. Because Webinaris is completely browser-based!


Meeting Room

For web meetings that can be attended with just one click.

With the Webinaris meeting room, you can invite your prospects to a web meeting without installing any software and with just one click, and rest assured that everyone can easily participate. No hassle installing software, no version updates or version conflicts. With Webinaris meeting room software, you simply do it in your browser. The host creates a meeting link, everyone else clicks on it, and everyone is in the meeting. It's that simple!
Meeting Room für das eins zu eins Gespräch

Partner Webinars

So that you can win joint customers with your partners!

Make your already created automated webinars easily available to your new partners, so that they can win new customers for your project! If your products or services are also sold by your partners, you can give them an optimal tool for sales with a partner webinar, because no one can explain and describe your products more understandably than you yourself.
Partner Webinare für ein großes und erfolgreiches Team

CEO Gedankentanken

Alexander Müller

“I am really enthusiastic about Webinaris. Webinaris not only provides me with a perfect software solution for automated webinars. Webinaris also goes the extra mile we need as entrepreneurs to be really successful! To put it in a nutshell: With Webinaris, you don't just automate your webinars… You get everything for SUCCESSFUL webinars!”

E-Mail Autoresponder

Without accompanying emails, a webinar is only worth half.

With Webinaris you get an integrated and already preset e-mail autoresponder. The texts are already formulated, you only have to make your personal adjustments. In a few minutes, your e-mail tunnel is ready and your webinar can start.
Autoresponder mit Webinaris
webinaris_landingpage generator

Landingpage Generator

Quickly go to the webinar invitation page ... and also all other pages

The landing page generator was created so that you always get the best-converting landing page needed for optimal webinar marketing. We split-test the running for you! Just enter your texts, click continue and your pages are created for the registration process.
webinaris_landingpage generator

Interfaces & API

Direct & universal interfaces to the most important providers

Create the perfect doppelganger with Webinaris, which wins leads & customers for you 24/7, automatically conducts your sales calls and never gets sick or needs a vacation. The algorithm behind Webinaris performs for you around the clock, no exceptions!


This is how Webinaris works.

Everything you need to know about lead & customer acquisition webinar software.

  • For what and for whom was Webinaris developed?
  • What can you expect from a Webinaris webinar?
  • What functions and options are available to you in Webinaris to attract customers?
  • How easy and straightforward it is to set up a Webinaris webinar to get started quickly.
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Champions rely on Webinaris

Companies around the world use Webinaris to implement their webinars.



3 Webinars

Including all functions and unlimited webinar dates




10 Webinars

Including all functions and unlimited webinar dates




unlimited Webinars

Including all functions and unlimited webinar dates