The most important for us:

The most important for us:

Enthusiastic customers. 

Reliable software.
Your long-term success!

Enthusiastic customers.

Reliable software.
Your long-term success!

Webinaris is already considered by thousands of entrepreneurs, self-employed, employees in various fields and categories as an effective and innovative software for automating new customer acquisition and increasing sales. Webinaris is the #1 marketing software for many people to generate sustainable success. Read for yourself what our customers are saying.

Webinaris is already considered by thousands of entrepreneurs, self-employed, employees in various fields and categories as the most effective and innovative software for automating new customer acquisition and increasing sales. Webinaris is the #1 marketing software for many people to generate sustainable success. Read for yourself what our customers are saying.

A first-class,
forward-looking tool

The support is a "gift".
Thank you!

Because it works
so great!



Thomas Klußmann


"I have tested Webinaris intensively. Those who know me know: I leave nothing to chance, only numbers convince me. I had expected a higher registration rate, but that at the same time I still have a better purchase rate with Webinaris than in a normal webinar, that impressed me deeply! Many thanks to you and your team!"

Marcel Schlee


"After 3 years of working with live webinars and over 100,000 participants on them, I was a bit burned out with webinars. I tested Webinaris and after 14 days and 2,500 attendees, I gained over 400 new customers. The conversion is just as good as with live webinars! A great result! As a result, Webinaris has taken my online marketing to a new level."

Kathrin Pröpster

"Dear Webinaris team, I really enjoy working with Webinaris. The instructions are first class, so that even the layman can quickly familiarize himself with the material. A first-class, forward-looking tool underpinned by excellent service."

Alex Riedl

Next Big Thing GmbH

"Webinaris is for me one of the most important and effective tools I have ever known for my business. For myself and also for my customers, it is the best way to quickly and easily acquire new customers, retain them and turn them into real fans. Thank you Rainer von Massenbach for this ingenious system."

Gerlinde Eckert

"I was able to increase my conversion rate many times over thanks to Webinaris. Through this great tool, I also got the opportunity to build trust in a simple and very efficient way and at the same time, to give a lot of added value to my prospects, so that they get a very good basis for deciding whether they want me to continue as a coach. Webinaris itself is very well thought out, without failures or complicated settings. Also the support is very competent, fast, friendly and helpful with everything I have needed so far. Many thanks for that"

Nicole Brandau

Agentur für Marketing Automatsierung

"In our marketing automation agency, automated webinars are always a central building block for the success of our clients. We recommend Webinaris here because the user interface is very well thought out and the webinars run flawlessly. In addition, the top-class, free marketing training courses that Webinaris offers on a regular basis always provide even us with new, valuable info. Bravo!"

Elke Wörner

Wörner Consulting GmbH

"Thanks to Webinaris I was able to digitize my company one step further. Webinaris makes the application and implementation so comfortable that it is fun to work with it from the very first moment.If support is necessary after all - it simply works smoothly and quickly.At this point very very many thanks to you for the support."

Jürgen Wermke

Marketing Automatisierung

"In my eyes, Webinaris is the tool that saves me the most time and generates the most revenue at the same time. Webinaris gives me the opportunity to be there for my customers 48 hours a day to solve their problems."

Franz Mairhofer

Taxlienprofi US Tax Lien Investments

When I started investing in US Tax Liens 8 years ago, I decided in 2013 to share this knowledge and my experience in German speaking countries. After many time consuming live webinars it was time to change something. Webinaris was THE solution. I have been using Webinaris for 5 years and there is no better tool for my business. Webinaris is always innovative and up to date, especially I appreciate the many very well working interfaces. Since Webinaris I have a real passive income. Thanks to Webinaris."

Eva Stuhr

Mental Struktur

"There are several platforms for webinars, but the great thing about Webinaris is that the customer is offered a super introductory course on how to set up a webinar optimally. This makes the work much easier and brings fun and time savings. I can therefore recommend Webinaris to everyone with a clear conscience. Mental structure ... Pure relaxation."

Roland Kopp-Wichmann

Trainer | Coach | Autor

"On my personality blog with over 1,000 articles, I also offer 10 email courses on various topics. For most of them I advertise with an automatic webinar at Webinaris. The setup is not easy but the templates and the fast reachable support make it easy. The response rates are very good, so I get a nice passive income per month. I can highly recommend Webinaris!"

Linda Schmidt

laughyourlife COACHING

"I expected a good webinar process, and pleasant usability. And it came out better than expected. Super easy to use, makes "even" setting up the webinar process fun. Thank you and keep up the good work and thank you for this opportunity!"

Michael Meiss

Meiss & Partner

"We use Webinaris for webinars to start presenting our services in the context of supporting the transformation of companies. In the meantime, this has enabled us to dispense with almost all of the previous, free on-site information sessions - a great saving in terms of time and costs. The program impresses with its very good functions and usability."

Mag. Manuel Diwosch

Diwosch GmbH

"We use Webinaris for our successful self-marketing and also successfully create the automated webinars for our customers. Webinaris is of course "only" a tool, because success depends on content. If you have content with added value, then any consulting-intensive product can be sold extremely well thanks to the Webinaris tool and this sales process can be scaled perfectly. The technology is reliable, easy to use for professionals and laymen and can really boost success."

Björn Ole Neumann

Björn Ole Neumann

Tierakademie/ Coach/ Autorin

"Admittedly: At the beginning, I was skeptical about whether the promised successes would materialize. To say that the results have arrived, and even been surpassed, is a huge understatement: They virtually knocked my socks off. With step-by-step instructions, Webinaris guides you through the process quite easily - yet still offers enough space to introduce myself and my business. And the best part: I'm not saying this, but my (new) customers that I have gained through the webinars. Soon I will create my next automated webinar with Webinaris, with (anticipation of) many new customers. If you want to be ignited by the success of automated webinars, you can't avoid Webinaris. Thank you dear Webinaris team. I am thrilled."

Sindy Schmidt

Malea System - Malea Mindset

"The functions of Webinaris are very extensive and can be combined very well with other providers & tools."

Dietmar Reichle

"With Webinaris, we use the option of rented rented webinars for our entire team. This way we always have the latest webinars available for our team partners with the least amount of effort. Simple and duplicable."

Karl Bleeker

KBM - Kommunitkation besser machen

"Webinaris convinced me right from the start. Great added value is delivered here, and at a really very acceptable price. If you want to make a difference in marketing today, you simply can't get around webinars. My very first choice: Webinaris, what else?"

Mirko Tasch

ituso GmbH

"The Webinaris webinar is already so inspiring that you literally bubble over with ideas while watching it! To our challenge - how do we gain more time but also more interested parties for our core business and are there processes that we can digitalize and make more efficient - we have found optimal solutions with Webinaris. Thanks to Webinaris we can explain our products and services in detail, score with high-quality content and reach potential customers - all on autopilot."

Kevin Eskandary

"I am thrilled! Upload webinar, insert surveys, create landing page, automate mail communication, select appointments - all done in what feels like 15 minutes! For anyone who wants to automate processes: A MUST."

Christine Höng


"Webinaris has made it very easy for me from minute 1.... to be able to schedule myself according to the interested parties by always offering them several appointments at the same time. The automation lets me run my business in a much more relaxed way than in live webinars.... Also, the regularity for me in live webinars would be impossible to keep... I can recommend Webinaris with a clear conscience... all questions are answered relatively quickly and help is always given."

Dr. med. Ulrich Selz

Praxis Dr. Selz

"For me as a doctor, Webinaris is a great way to pass on complex information to patients and therapists. I use Webinaris to inspire people for my topics and to provide them with knowledge. The format "webinar" is perfect in my field because it is technically easy to implement and independent of appearances and distractions - only the presentation and the voice count. With Webinaris I can explain facts in the medical field and have the necessary time to take the listener visually and auditorily on my journey. He can fully concentrate on it. Besides the great support, I feel Webinaris provides me with very good information to improve my webinars."

Manfred Stockman

Shuhari GmbH

"We're still in the early stages with the webinars, but the support and extensive job aids we've received so far have confirmed our decision in the most positive way."

Ariane Buchner

Akademie derspirituellen Entwicklung

I have simply been thrilled and convinced by Webinaris for many years. Technology is not easy for me, but the cleverly thought-out options, the individual design possibilities have really convinced me. A very special praise deserves the support, because I always got a perfect help by personal mail, no automatic as with many other platforms. The support is a "gift". Thank you!"

Werner Langfritz

Internetmarketing Werner Langfritz e.K.

As an enterprise customer and already a long-time user of Webinaris, we are able to gain new customers on a daily basis through automated webinars and increase sales many times over."

Christine Weismayer

Internet Marketing

"Hello, I am Christine Weismayer, also known as Internet Grandma, because I started online marketing or affiliate marketing a few years ago at retirement age and am now quite successful. Already since 2014 I am a highly satisfied Webinaris customer and host all my webinars there. I appreciate the diverse, yet easy to implement possibilities that Webinaris offers as well as the support for conversion optimization. You won't find that with any other provider I know. Thank you Webinaris!"

Holger Korsten

SEO Experte

I used an American tool for automated webinars and had tried quite a few others before. None of them even comes close to Webinaris. The connection to autoresponders and tagging is just as easy and perfect as creating and automating a webinar. Absolute recommendation!"

Chiara di Giusto

Inhaberin Garibaldi Agency

Webinaris has all the features I need and more. It can be handled perfectly as a layman on the one hand and as a technical genius on the other. I can not imagine switching to another tool. For me it is particularly pleasant that it is a German-language tool and can be linked therefore also with other German-language tools perfectly. Webinaris itself has an infinite number of possibilities of design and settings, yet it is clearly structured and very clear. The support is 1A class and I recommend it to any of my clients and acquaintances who are looking for an excellent webinar tool in a class of its own."

Sebastian Glöckner


"For 2 years Webinaris has been my main source for those customers who like to use and buy premium products. Webinaris is absolutely perfect for bringing prospective customers closer to my services and turning them into satisfied customers.
Many people look forward to the evening appointments and even give me feedback afterwards. Some even watch the webinar twice and then buy my program. And everything is fully automated! Without Webinaris, I would not sell nearly as many high-quality coaching sessions."

Oliver Brandenburg


"We chose Webinaris because the software can be configured very extensively, allowing us to give our customers the highest added value."

Gerd Conradt

Coachingkompetenz UG

"We created seminars for the first time that we publish via Webinaris. We were thrilled with the intuitive menu navigation, which allows us to post and publish seminars quickly and easily. We have achieved a scaling here in a short time that we did not expect. The support is also excellent. There are quick answers to questions, which are informative and which help. From us, an absolute top recommendation for the platform and the service."

Ralf Maurer

Kinder-,Jugend-& Familiencoach

"I created my first ever webinar with Webinaris. It was really easy: with a logical and intuitive menu navigation you find everything and are always quickly guided to the right place when creating. And if you have a question, the knowledge base is a great help, where I was pleased to find answers quickly.I had to ask only 1x something to the support team and received there very quickly a friendly assistance, which was understandable even for me as a novice - which is often not the case with others ;-). My verdict: Great! It's fun to work with and gets me to my goal quickly and effectively. I look forward to further cooperation!"

Alexander Müller

CEO Gedankentanken

"I am really enthusiastic about Webinaris. Webinaris not only offers me a perfect software solution for automated webinars. Webinaris also goes the extra mile we need as entrepreneurs to be really successful! To put it in a nutshell: With Webinaris you don't just automate your webinars.... You get everything for SUCCESSFUL webinars!"

Katerina Struhovska

"Webinaris convinced me right from the start. Great added value is delivered here, and at a really very acceptable price. If you want to make a difference in marketing today, you simply can't get around webinars. My very first choice: Webinaris, what else?"

Ralph Dannhäuser

on-connect GmbH

"Webinaris helps me a lot to bring new customers to "flying height" through our online seminar and to position myself as an expert. This saves me precious time for the repetitive basic consultation with every recommendation or new customer inquiry. I can now use the time gained profitably for each interested customer in the follow-up through individual consulting. In addition, potential customers can first get to know us without obligation (customer journey)."

Ina Strauch

"At first I was taken with the idea of automating webinars. And since creating my first webinar, I've been absolutely thrilled with Webinaris. Finally, a platform that you can work with really well. Tutorials really explain every step. The program is clearly and absolutely logically structured. Email templates, interfaces with other programs, etc. make things much easier. And the support works great! After a short time I had a solution for my very individual request. I can only say: Keep up the good work! Really great!"

Martina Kühnel

"With Webinaris I can inform about my offers and reach exactly my target customers. But that's not all, because with Webinaris I can provide my clients with my program so flexibly that everyone can decide for themselves when and where they work through the content. Also education on special topics is possible via Webinaris. To make sure that everything runs professionally and technically perfect, Webinaris provides the necessary knowledge in detailed tutorials. Thus, success is pre-programmed. Thank you Webinaris."

Domenico Anic


"We were looking for a simple and efficient way to provide our more than 8,000 cooperation partners with specialist webinars. It was important to us to be able to run the webinars on various topics several times a week at different times in an automated manner. This is exactly what we found with the Webinaris platform. Many thanks also for the always fast and individual support."