Affiliate- and Partnerprogramm.

8 decisive arguments to help you decide.

Registering to Webinaris could not be easier! Sign up now and enjoy attractive lifetime commissions and low cancellation rates!

These are the 7 reasons why the Webinaris Partner Program is perfect for you!


Up to €29.80 a month per conversion

Our commissions can be shouted from the rooftops! Depending on the brokered product, you can earn up to a €29.80 broker’s fee – every month! Our most popular product would earn €11.80 a month!

Conversion rate of up to 33%

Up to 33% conversion rate! That means that up to 33 of every 100 people to whom you recommend
Webinaris – and really do become customers – would earn you, month after month, some serious money!

20% lifetime commission

We earn monthly from our subscribers – and we’re happy to pass that on to you. At Webinaris, you receive, monthly, 20% of the turnover we earn from customers you brokered for us. And you also earn from upgrades and additional purchases each of these customers makes years later!

Cancellation rate below 2.1%

Our products have a provable cancellation rate of under 2.1%. First, that tells you a lot about the quality of Webinaris. Second, you can rest assured that you will be earning money from a large percentage of your conversions well into the future!

180-day cookie lifetime

The cookie we store is valid on a visitor’s computer for 180 days. This means that when a customer clicks your link to us today but doesn’t buy from us until half a year later, you’ll still receive your 20% lifetime commission!

Today’s mega-trend

Webinars are THE marketing mega-trend! Everyone wants in on the action, but there are only a few providers. Our Partner Program offers you a unique opportunity to profit from this mega-trend – right now and well into the future!

Professional advertising

We’re with you all the way. To make advertising Webinaris as easy for you as possible, we’ll give you the best and latest ad banners, videos, blog entries and email templates!

Registration Instructions.

Step 1:

Please click here and log in to Digistore24 first and note your Digistore24 ID for step 2.

Step 2:

Please send us an email with some information about you to
Subject Email: Registration Partner Program Webinaris
  • Name and address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your Digistore24 ID
  • Your website URL
  • A short description of how you would like to promote Webinaris

Step 3:

After a short check we will activate you and inform you via e-mail. Then you can start immediately. (Please note that we can NOT activate any accounts without the data from step 2 - our data protection regulation applies here).