Live webinars

Use our live webinar software when you need authenticity and direct communication!

Live webinars are always used when it is important for your goal achievement to adapt your presentation to the questions and requirements of your target group in real time. With our webinar platform, you get a tool for this use case that is easy to use for you as a presenter as well as for your participants without software installation.

Live Webinar Software mit Webinaris Webinar Software

Your benefits:

webinaris features - all you need funktionen

“All you need” features

The Webinaris live webinars offer you the most important functions you need for your marketing webinars – from the classic screen broadcast to showing and hiding the chat and the participant list to deleting chat messages and removing troublemakers.
webinaris features - optimiert auf marketing

Optimized for marketing

Live webinars are also designed specifically for marketing and sales webinars. For example, you can insert buttons at certain times during the webinar to link to your sales page, or tracking codes to run retargeting campaigns specifically for webinar attendees.
webinaris features - automatische Aufzeichung

Automatic recording

Webinaris automatically records each of your live webinars – so you don't risk accidentally not recording a webinar. Webinaris stores the recording for 7 days. During this time, you can download it or simply save it permanently in Webinaris.