A vision that changed the world

Created in Germany – used around the world.

Webinaris Weltweit

From start-up to established software company.

Although we made the leap from start-up to established and successful software company long ago, there’s one thing that hasn’t left our DNA: The start-up attitude that powered us to that success. Our flexible, innovative and customer-focused approach was the key to our rapid advance. And it’s this very approach that makes it possible for us to carry on adapting as quickly to market changes as we do to feedback from our customers.

The WEBINARIS GmbH manifesto

"More time for the important things in life."

We got involved in this venture to give people their freedom back. The freedom that once inspired them to found a company or take on a challenge. The drive for freedom, the desire to raise themselves above the crowd, to do something meaningful. On a quest to improve some part of the world, on a quest for self fulfillment.

For most of us, that initiating vision became: “More work, more stress – and less time for the really important things in life.”

So how did it end up like this? Every day our time is spent dealing with things that have little to do with our original idea – far too many long meetings that are almost carbon copies of each other, completing time-consuming tax returns and mammoth efforts looking for the right new employees. We’re 80% tied up doing things that get in the way of the 20% really important things that motivated us in the first place.

It’s time to say goodbye to all that. We are convinced that everybody can build meaningful lives from their personal inspirations and abilities. The only thing you have to do is automate all the automatable bits.

That’s where we come in. WEBINARIS can help you to automate, or digitize, all your communications processes. To give you back the freedom you need to concentrate on what inspires you, to partake again the things that you really enjoy, that you are really good at.

Our philosophy

a) Respect – Every member of the WEBINARIS team is an important link in the chain. No one is more or less important. When one link in the chain breaks, we all fall. Everyone in our team sees themself as part of a whole and is appreciated, challenged and respected in exactly this way.
It goes without saying that we love criticism, that we deserve a knock on the head from time to time. It helps us improve, to grow beyond what we were yesterday. Everyone in the WEBINARIS team has earned the same respect with which we treat our customers every day.

b) ​Appreciation – Every day we fight to win more freedom for our customers in their careers and everyday lives. Our most important asset is our customers. Our customers are our engine. Every question, every tip they bring to the table is like gold to us, to help us improve a little bit, day by day. We appreciate our customers and treat them as our most important asset. We help every customer, regardless of how much or little they pay, through whatever problem they might have. We give our customers more than they give us. The true art is the art of giving.

c) ​Flexibility – The “flexibility” principle has defined our company’s culture from the beginning. This means fast reactions, rapid implementation and continual adaptation to new opportunities. If you don’t change, you’re going nowhere. We NEVER rest on our laurels. We stay fast, nimble, and ready at all times to toss old ideas overboard.
But being quick and flexible also means taking risks. Risks mean possible mistakes, and we are well aware of this. We work hard every day to get better and learn from every mistake. Our core principle, to not stand still, is sacrosanct.

d) ​Ambition – We want to offer the best automation software on the market, period. This ambition demands of every single member of our team to give nothing less than our best. And when we do a great job, we work harder to better it the very next day.

​Our most important value

​FREEDOM – in our thinking, in our business, in our lives.

​Our software helps to bring more automation into our customers’ lives. And through this successful endeavour, we bring more freedom to our lives, too.

An appeal to my WEBINARIS team:

​​You are important! You are part of this joint effort to realize my vision in the world, to make the world a little bit better, one day at a time.

​I’m proud of you, and deeply grateful for your continuing dedication! Together, we have taken WEBINARIS to the heights it enjoys today. Thank you! I look forward to many more years of our evolution as a team, of not accepting the limitations of today, of always striving to improve and drawing ever closer to our own fully realized self!

Your CEO, friend and companion

Rainer von Massenbach

Rainer von Massenbach

Rainer von Massenbach


Management and Development

We’re not only the head of WEBINARIS, we are also its many hands working hard every day to keep routine operations ticking over smoothly. We also continuously optimize the software, user experience and automation of our own processes. To that end, we listen to all ideas and suggestions coming from the other departments and teams. Rainer is the team’s head and heart, and indeed the whole company’s. He is its originating spark and the inspiration-fuel that drives the entire team to its best performance, day after day.



More about Rainer

Our CEO isn’t just the head and heart of the whole enterprise. The list of his deeds goes on and on: From the founding idea to our value culture, to the energy that powers the success of the company and its customers ever onwards, to the team’s high morale, to the inexhaustible drive for yet more efficient automation of all processes – that’s Rainer.


German, English


UX Consultant,

Head of Support & Customer Service

More about David

David has been a vital force in the continuing development of the WEBINARIS UX from the start. As the head of Customer Service, David lives and breathes WEBINARIS, and knows his way around its nooks and crannies probably better than anyone else. He is our most direct and important link to our customers.


German, English

Marketing & Communications

We are the company’s sender and sole mouthpiece. All messages and news from WEBINARIS to the world pass through us. We develop all communications in close cooperation and transmit them across a wide range of channels to our many recipients. We speak and develop a single language: Webinarish.


Head of Marketing

More about Helmut

Helmut is our graphics and online-marketing genius. His many years of experience in online marketing and abundant creativity enable him to quickly find a solution to every problem. Helmut successfully led his own online-marketing agency for over 8 years before joining WEBINARIS permanently. His contribution to our look and to the development of WEBINARIS has been decisive, and he continues to ensure the continuity of that unified appearance.


German, English


Corporate Communications Director

More about Caro

Abundant energy combined with inexhaustible good spirits are the defining qualities Carolin brings to her role as a communications interface between the inside and outside worlds, and within the team. She makes sure that WEBINARIS is seen, heard and enjoyed by everyone – as an amazing experience.


German, English, Spanish, French


Senior Digital Marketing Manager

More about Stephan

It’s not only our customers who benefit from this excellent tool for effective marketing. We use it ourselves, too! Stephan is our WEBINARIS guy, the project manager who successfully implements all our marketing strategies.


German, English


Brand Ambassador

More about Alex

As an absolute expert in all matters online marketing and management consulting, our Brand Ambassador is the very definition of added value for WEBINARIS – and above all for every one of our customers: It is precisely our customers who continually benefit from Alex’s knowledge and many years of experience.


German, English, Spanish



Concept Creator

More about Chris

Our very own language genius and longtime mouthpiece doesn’t just write in Webinarish, he even developed and breathed life into the language. Christopher writes texts of all kinds for WEBINARIS and makes sure that WEBINARIS is always on everyone’s lips and in everybody’s thoughts.






More about Inga

Because not everyone speaks Webinarish, and because it hasn’t been agreed on as the world’s lingua franca, it still needs some translation here and there. Inga’s role is to render our communications into English for the wider world.


German, English, Italian


Friendly Mascot,

Guardian Angel

More about Rekru-Tier

Not only is he a creature of fable, he is also a fabulous creature! Rekru-Tier’s friendly, winning ways magically conjure good moods all around. Building trust and reaching out to others are his greatest strengths. Nobody does it better!


None (his smile does all the talking)

Support & Customer Service

We are the first port of call, always there for our customers throughout the day (and often into the night). We help where we can, answering all questions by email or in personal conversation. At the same time, we are constantly working on preempting every question by continually improving our pool of information and optimizing our technologies. We understand our clients’ needs, what they are engaged in, what drives them, and what challenges them.


UX Consultant,

Head of Support & Customer Service

More about David

David has been a vital force in the continuing development of the WEBINARIS UX from the start. As the head of Customer Service, David lives and breathes WEBINARIS, and knows his way around all its nooks and crannies probably better than anyone else. He is our most direct and important link to our customers.


German, English


VIP Customer Service

More about Stephan

Stephan casts his rod like no other, landing one fish after the other for WEBINARIS. Big and small fish, even whole shoals of fish feel at ease in Stephan’s company. Perhaps because he doesn’t consume them, but prefers to return them to their watery domain, well tended and revitalized.


German, English


Webinar-Marketing Coach

More about Thomas

Thomas, our in-house athlete, is also our second line to our customers. He works closely with David to ensure that not only are all problems and questions answered right away and in a friendly manner, but best of all that they are “headed off at the pass”, and solved there too!


German, English

Software Development and Design

We are the developer team – the brains, if you will –, at work non-stop, full steam ahead, developing the software. We recently moved from Munich to Ho Chi Minh City and have since grown to 15 full-time expert IT employees. Here in Vietnam’s Silicon Valley, we are constantly on the lookout for the best developers in the country to grow our team. Collaboration between the teams in Germany and Vietnam is very close and fully focussed on the continuous development and improvement of the platform, in terms of innovation, security and stability.


Head of Software Development

More about Phong

“The extent of Phong’s abilities was in full evidence before he joined WEBINARIS, for example in the form of a computer-security system he developed for a German bank. Because everything runs so smoothly and reliably at WEBINARIS, our customers often wonder how we manage to keep an entire developer team busy. The answer is simple: Phong does an excellent job! Hats off, and thank you!”


German, Vietnamese, English


Head of Design

Mehr über Any

Obviously, Phong cannot perform his job so incredibly well on his own. There is a second strong shoulder the whole team, and our customers, can safely lean on. We also have Any to thank for our ever reliable and continuously improving software!


German, Vietnamese, English

Office & Administration

By early morning every day at the latest, the Office thrums with life. Back Office doesn’t only begin the first early shift, it also tackles and administers, with total reliability, all those “little tasks” that are essential in ensuring the whole show runs smoothly. The entire team knows it can always rely on support from Back Office whenever an additional pair of quick hands, nimble fingers and a cool head are required.


Back Office

More about Biwi

Birgit has more than reliably headed our Back Office for many years. She makes sure not only that everything is in its right place, but also that everyone is greeted with a smile. Even when things get hectic and deadlines gather like storm clouds, she dispatches every one of those essential “little tasks” with unflappable calm.


German, English

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