Meeting Room

Your own web meetings that can be attended with just one click.

The meeting room software of Webinaris is designed in such a way that every participant can be in the meeting room immediately with only one click on a link, and that without software installation or a tedious version update. In the internal area of Webinaris, an automatically generated link is available at any time, which you simply send to your meeting participants – and off you go!

Meeting Room mit Webinaris Webinar Software

Web meetings are an essential tool for optimizing sales work and communicating with potential customers. But the proliferation of different systems doesn't always make it easy to find a meeting platform that runs smoothly on every system. That's why with Webinaris you get a simple meeting room, reduced to the essentials, that anyone can access spontaneously via their web browser. Without registration, without software installation and without scheduling. With just one click, everyone is there.

The optimized-minimalist design of the meeting room not only makes it easy for everyone to participate, but also simple to use. So, you can concentrate on consulting and sales and don't have to worry about unnecessary technology.

One click in the meeting room

Meeting Room mit Webinaris Webinar Software

Your benefits:

webinaris features - Direkter Login ohne Installation

Direct login without installation

The Webinaris meeting room runs completely in the browser and can therefore be used by all of your interested parties – without installing any software and independent of the end device or operating system.
webinaris features -Einfach & Intuitive Bedienung

Simple & intuitive operation

In the Webinaris meeting room, everyone immediately finds their way around. So, you never have to explain again where to click to activate the camera or split the screen, for example.
webinaris features - Reduziert und optimiert auf das Wesentliche

Reduced and optimized to the essentials

Fancy features like those needed in training sessions are unnecessary in sales meetings and make the meeting room unnecessarily complicated. That's why we have completely dispensed with them and reduced the meeting room to the essential functions.