Automated webinars

Use it for more freedom in your business!

Create the perfect clone with automated webinars from Webinaris, who wins leads & customers for you 24/7, automates your sales calls and never gets sick or needs a vacation. Record your presentation as a video, upload it to Webinaris and the algorithm behind Webinaris will perform for you 24/7, even when you're not working!

Your benefits:

webinaris features - Einmaliger Aufwand für skalierbare Ergebnisse

One-time effort for scalable results

With automated webinars, you do not sit in front of the camera over and over again, but record the webinar once as a video. Webinaris then plays it out as a real webinar at the times you specify. This way you only have a one-time effort, but you can offer as many dates as you like over months and years.
webinaris features - Video nicht herunterladbar

Video not downloadable

At Webinaris, the webinar videos are not downloadable by simply right-clicking into the video -because then everyone would know it's not live.
webinaris features - Video nicht pausierbar oder spulbar

Video not pausable or rewindable

Your attendees can't rewind or pause your webinar videos – because they can't do that in a real live webinar either.
webinaris features - 100% Live-Charakter

100% live character

Webinaris can help you create a 100% live character in your automated webinars – if that's what you want. For example, you can work with polls, insert fictional participants into the webinar room and even let them chat with each other using chat messages you have pre-written.