WEBINARIS is your new perfect employee!

With WEBINARIS you hire a top seller for just a few dollars a month who generates contacts and customers for you around the clock, never getting sick or needing a vacation.


$ 99/ Month

  • unlimited automated Webinars
  • max. 250 participants per appointment
  • all functions included

$ 899/ Year

Save $ 289
  • unlimited automated Webinars
  • max. 250 participants per appointment
  • all functions included
25 % Discount

Frequently asked questions (rates)

What areas of applicability does WEBINARIS cover?

You can automate webinars for the following areas:

1. Win customers
With WEBINARIS, you can attract visitors to your site or motivate offline potential customers to learn about your product/company/branch and thus create demand for your product/company. 

2. Prepare potential customers
Filter out those “just window shopping” visitors who cost you time and stress. Automated webinars help ensure, in an elegant and efficient way, that only genuinely interested customers get in touch with you (because you’ve already informed those who are “just window shopping”).

3. Turn interest into turnover
There’s no need to invest time and money on costly conversations with customers and other telephone consultations: You have already fully automated your sales talks and are winning new customers using WEBINARIS.

4. Reduce buyer`s regrets 
We all know what it feels like to regret a purchasing decision. By immediately offering your customers a webinar after they have made a purchase, you dramatically reduce any potential feelings of regret by “reselling” your product to your customers.

5. Customer loyalty
Create a broad range of webinars around your product/service/company that adds value for your customers and thus secures their loyalty and future business.

6. Minimize cancellation 
Show an automated webinar to customers who want to cancel detailing the problems, dangers and consequences that follow on from a cancellation.

7. Establish a brand image
Establish and secure your brand by automating a comprehensive range of training, advice and other online presentations using WEBINARIS.

8. Trust and expert status
Everyone wants to buy right away, but to generate that enthusiasm you have to build trust and expert status. Offer as many webinars as it takes, in which you give your prospective customers valuable tips and present them with information on all aspects of your business/products/solutions for free.

And much more…

If you want to get a better idea of how automated webinars apply to your situation, contact us at info@webinaris.com.

Does WEBINARIS send emails?

Absolutely! WEBINARIS can send any and all reminder and follow-up emails. Using an interface, you can of course also send from your prefered mailing system.

Can I cancel WEBINARIS at any time?

Of course! You may cancel your WEBINARIS subscription at any time to the end of the billing period.

Can I upgrade to a different rate or change my payment interval at any time?

Absolutely! You may change to a higher rate or payment interval whenever you like.

What is the difference between using online videos and automated webinars?

​There is a big difference between the two! Because people can watch videos “whenever and wherever” they want (so there’s no good reason for them to watch them right now, let alone all the way through), both the retention rate and the probability that the online video will be watched to the end are much lower than for automated webinars.

We can share an example with you from our own experience.

We carried out a split test in which we sent 10,000 people a newsletter, split in two batches of 5,000 emails each.The first 5,000 emails contained a link to a 50-minute sales video, the other 5,000 led to an automated webinar (with exactly the same 50-minute content). A €997 product was offered for sale at the end of both the video and automated webinar. The test period ran for 14 days. The emails we sent were exactly the same (except for the link).

1. Results from video-marketing emails

- 5000 sent emails 
- 1570 opened emails
- 801 people clicked the link to the video
- 537 people started the video

At the half-way point, 180 people were still watching the video. 10 minutes before the end, 79 people are still watching. 41 people watched the video all the way to the end. That’s less than 10% of those who started it!

-> Of these 41, only 8 people buy the product at €997
-> Turnover: €7,976

2. Results from automated-webinar emails

- 5000 sent emails
- 1497 opened emails
- 835 people clicked the link to the webinar registration
- 462 people signed up for the automated webinar
- 400 people actually participate on the specified date

At the half-way point, 398 people are still in attendance, with 396 still present 10 minutes before the end. 391 people are present all the way to the end – around 97% of those who logged on to the event

-> Of the 391, 58 people buy the product at €997
-> Turnover: €57,826

There are many reasons for the significant differences

1. An online video is a spontaneous affair. In other words, you start the video regardless of whether you currently have time. Only a very few people “spontaneously” have 50 minutes free time on any given day. Most will however tell themselves that they’ll watch it again later, as soon as they have “enough time to themselves”. In reality, not more than 3% ever do.

2. In the case of automated webinars, people actively register for a specified date and time, so the genuinely interested either have time or consciously make the time. The specified date is therefore recorded in their calendar “in ink”.

3. With a specified date set for the webinar, two things become part and parcel of the process, and the psychological value to you and the potential customers cannot be stressed enough: A commitment to the event and the exclusiveness of this webinar that an internet video simply cannot generate!

4. Attention is significantly higher during a webinar, because there is no way to “rewind the video”. If you don’t pay attention or if you go away for a moment, it’s clear that you will miss information (that cannot be played back).This is why attention is higher and of a different quality.

5. Furthermore, an automated webinar cannot be stopped, for example when the telephone rings. So participants don’t only set the date in their calendars, they turn off any potential sources of disturbance, by turning off their mobile and watching the video in a quiet room, etc.

6. And because people assume the moderator will be speaking live, they unconsciously assign a higher value to the presentation and its content than they would to a video recording. Even if the moderator states that the webinar isn’t live, that it is a recording, participants still experience the feeling that the event is live. It is simply a force of habit (and our software’s ability to make the event seem real, “live”).

Why should I stream automated webinars, and not host live webinars?

One of the main differences is time … above all, your precious, personal time! During busy periods, we’ve held up to eight live webinars in a single day. The problem was that we couldn’t do anything else as all our time was eaten up holding the webinars. And if instead you offer only one or two webinars a day, you exclude a large potential target audience. Not everyone who might be interested has free time right when you can present your live webinar.

This means the issue is not only your personal time but also that of your participants: The more dates you offer, the more flexibility you offer to your customers and potential customers! With automated webinars, you can in theory offer up to 50 webinars a day. That sort of potential guarantees you can reach every single person any time they like.

Other advantages of automated over live webinars include

- Lower costs (you don’t pay per webinar, but per package period)
- Fewer technical obstacle for your participants
- No stage fright: you can prepare your presentation in peace and quiet
- No distracting interruptions from the participants
- No cancellations due to coughs, colds, sniffles
- No daily performance fluctuations
- TIME TIME TIME, because it’s fully automated

We have conducted many tests and discovered that the participants do not really care whether the webinar is live or recorded. And there is no difference in quality between recorded and live webinars.

Even the number of technical difficulties with WEBINARIS is far lower than for live webinars. Attending WEBINARIS webinars is as easy as watching normal videos online. And as if that weren’t enough, we have made WEBINARIS compatible with all browser versions. The only thing participants need to bring to the party is an internet connection

What about questions asked in the chat window if the webinar is automated?

The answer can be divided into two categories: “technical” and “strategic”.

On the technical side, you have a range of options for handling chat questions. You can answer them live during the webinar, or have the questions sent to you by email to answer them later in your own time. You can also specify whether or not questions can be asked in the chat window and who can see them.

Strategically, the truth is that hardly any questions are asked if the participants are not expressly invited to do so. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t describe WEBINARIS as live webinars, just invite people to a “webinar”.

During live webinars, you have to answer any incoming questions sequentially, no matter how stupid the questions are, and whether or not you want to. With WEBINARIS, it is entirely up to you how you handle this aspect. (Our long experience with automated webinars has taught us that there is never any particular concern one way or the other regarding whether questions are answered in the chat window or later by email.

How long are contracts with WEBINARIS?

One month, beginning on the day you sign up to the subscription.

Essentially there is no contract length. WEBINARIS enforces no minimum term, no binding subscription period, no hidden pitfalls, etc. You only need to send an email to info@webinaris.com to cancel your membership any time you want.

How hard is it to set up WEBINARIS?

It has always been our philosophy to make WEBINARIS as easy to use as possible. Even non-technical people find using WEBINARIS to be child’s play. Additionally, we offer a number of help videos and articles to address every question you might have during the setup process. If you still have a question, you can contact our support team at any time: info@webinaris.com. They will provide individualized help in the shortest possible time. 

The only thing you have to provide is a video you can upload to WEBINARIS, that then runs as an automated webinar. And even for this we’re here to help ;-)

Are you always improving the platform?

Absolutely! ;-) … We’re constantly coming up with new ideas and features, and are always happy to consider new suggestions. Currently, over 20 programmers administer the platform and we put everything we have into improving it still further. We’re always adding new tools that take automating sales and customer-winning processes to ever higher levels.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, contact us at info@webinaris.com. We take all suggestions into consideration, offer brief feedback, and then make every effort to implement them as quickly as possible.

What are you waiting for?

WEBINARIS gives you every tool you need to fully automate your webinars – and makes hitting your goals child’s play. Get started today. Who knows … maybe in just a few days’ time your automated webinar will already have its first participants.

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