With WEBINARIS, you get an impressive all-in-one automation package that includes everything you need for creating high-quality webinars for your online marketing.

Automatisierte Webinar mit Webinaris

Insteading of sitting in front of live cameras, upload a finished video you then present to your participants

As often as you want, when you want. And you get more time for other important things. Thanks to WEBINARIS, your participants always experience the presentation as if it were 100% live. So automate! That’s how to get the most from your webinar marketing strategy! You don’t have to be joined at the hip to webinar dates or minimum-participant numbers.

Automated webinars

Switch your webinar to autopilot with an automated webinar

  • Unlimited webinar dates, without having to be there live.
  • Perfected live appearance and added value for your participants.
  • Huge time savings for you and your business.
  • Far higher sales rates, because you can book more dates.

100% in-house technology

The best bandwidth speeds

Tailored to your needs

Webinar based Email marketing

Unlimited emails

Webinar-invitation emails

Reminder emails before the webinar

Follow-up emails to participants

New invitations to no-shows

Fully configurable timing for sending emails

Emails can be sent from your own address

webinaris Webinar Related Email Marketing

Webinar marketing and sales

Power directly towards your marketing goals.

  • Chat automation
  • Configure your participant list
  • Banners & buttons in the webinar
  • Restrict your webinar seats
  • 360° webinar tracking
  • Pre-completed registration forms
  • Conduct surveys
  • Direct forwarding
  • Your dream lead machine!
  • Payment provider


Chat window


The security of your data is particularly important to us! As a German company, we adhere 100% to German and European data protection regulations, which are among the strictest in the world. It is our goal to provide you with the same level of data protection standards that we have set ourselves.

In the process of implementing the DSGVO, we have introduced a long list of new features that will help you work 100% in accordance with the DSGVO while also letting you adapt your webinar marketing to the current legal situation of your country.

Data protection and the DSGVO

  • All data is hosted on German servers.
  • Internal contract data processing can be locked free of charge.
  • Our whole team is trained and instructed to pay particular attention to the security of your data.
  • Our data-protection officer is a lawyer from a respected privacy chancellery.
  • Several lawyers from various chancelleries worked in the team that drew up all the measures in the DSGVO.
  • Fully transparent ADV/AVV: We show you in detail exactly what happens to your data.

Double opt-in / Single opt-in

Deletion of your participants’ data

Intelligent cookie management

Checkboxes for data protection

Compatible and independent

With WEBINARIS, you get an impressive all-in-one automation package that includes everything you need to create high-quality webinars for your online marketing.

100% in-house technology

No installation necessary

Based fully on HTML 5 – no Java or Flash

Supports all major browsers and operating systems

Rent my Webinar

Rent out your webinar with a click. Or, just as easily, rent someone else’s best webinar.

WEBINARIS customer A

Rents out her webinar free of charge or for a fee, and makes it available – with total control and at the click of a mouse

Customer B receives a special code from customer A. Customer B enters the code into his account. Customer A’s webinar is now copied to customer B’s account and can be used immediately to generate leads and win new customers.

CODE: e.g. 02esdf69

WEBINARIS customer B


Sein Webinar einfach kostenlos oder kostenpflichtig vermieten und zur Verfügung stellen - mit voller Kontrolle per Mausklick

Kunde B erhält nach Freigabe von Kunde A einen speziellen Code, der einfach im Account von Kunde B eingefügt wird und so das Webinar von Kunde A auf den Account von Kunde B kopiert wird und sofort zureigenen Kunden- und Leadgenerierung von Kunde B verwendet werden kann.

CODE: z.B. 02esdf69


What is the WEBINARIS "Rent my Webinar” feature?

“Rent my Webinar” – The latest feature from WEBINARIS enables you to make existing webinars available to any number of renters (e.g. franchisees, affiliates, partners, etc.) All it takes is a click of your mouse. You can rent out your webinars by means of a license for a fee, or share them for free – whichever best suits your business model, personal preferences or plans. In next to no time, you can share your best webinars with any number of “renters”, who can then use them for generating leads and customers, building customer loyalty, pre-qualification or product information.

As a webinar provider, you can make your webinars available to your renters for marketing purposes with just a few mouse clicks. There’s no loss of quality or content: Your webinar’s content cannot be changed (except for the personalized URL your renter adds on at the end of the webinar). All you have to do is provide your partners with an access code or make your webinar accessible in your own WEBINARIS account. Depending on your business model, you can charge for the service, or share your webinar for free, and define a limited period of use.

As a webinar renter or user, you can present any webinar made available to you through your WEBINARIS account with just a few mouse clicks, and add your own landing page with a link to your website at the end of that webinar. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time! Save valuable resources, including time and money, by using good-to-go, professional webinars for your sales and marketing!

  • Quick and easy
  • Easy to rent out
  • Lower costs
  • Copy and paste
  • Uniform structure
  • Better marketing
  • Next to no effort required
  • Great time savings
  • Faster customer acquisition

How does it work?

Shared by the owner

With the “Rent my Webinar” feature, it only takes a click of your mouse to share any webinar in your WEBINARIS account with your renters, affiliates, business partners, downline, etc. After making one of your webinars available, you receive a code you give to your users.

Copy and paste

You share the code with your renter, who just has to copy and paste the code into their WEBINARIS account; there’s a special field for just this purpose. They then click the “Copy button” and the entire webinar project is copied to your renter’s WEBINARIS account.

Win customers and generate leads

Mere moments later, your renter will be able to independently win new customers and generate leads. Your webinar retains your personal mark and runs according to your rules and wishes. You retain full control and can either retract or update your webinar at any time.

Transfer your Webinar

Use this function to copy your own WEBINARIS project completely into another WEBINARIS account with just a few clicks.


Transfer a Webinar from Customer A ...


... to Account from Customer B


Transfer a Webinar from Customer A ...


... to Account from Customer B

Which Benefits does the "Transfer your Webinar" offer?

  • Create your webinars once – and transfer them as often as you want with just a few clicks
  • Huge time and cost savings for your whole network
  • Your network partners don’t have to produce their own webinars
  • Your network partners can use your webinar themselves with just a few clicks
  • Efficient, optimized customer acquisition that runs like a dream, for you and your network

Use our latest feature, “Transfer Your Webinar”, to fully transfer your webinar to the WEBINARIS accounts of your customers, partners or to your entire network, with just a few clicks. You decide whether you provide your webinars for free, or at a price.

In contrast to the “Rent My Webinar” feature, your customers become the webinar’s owners when you use the “Transfer Your Webinar” feature. In other words, they have full control of the entire webinar project. You copy your whole webinar project from your WEBINARIS account to your partner’s WEBINARIS account.

Just forward the Project-Share-Code to your partner. Your partner then adds your Project-Share-Code to a new webinar project and copies your webinar to their account. THAT’S IT! Your partner is now free to quickly and easily get their customer- and lead-generating processes started. With just a few clicks!

Richly helpful statistics

Success can be measured. Sustain that bird’s eye view. Marketing with WEBINARIS has just become more controllable than ever. Our rich-featured statistics tool reveals every key figure. Below you see a small example of the statistical analysis WEBINARIS makes available to you.

webinar conversion rate
participant rate
page views and registrations
webinar interaction
spectator retention
Frequently used devices
participants’ data
Detailed participant history

How’s my turnover looking?

Our turnover statistics let you see to the last cent which webinar earned how much value for you. And with a single click, you can see your total turnover. Furthermore, you can determine whether your turnover is better generated over desktops or mobile phones.

webinar revenue
webinar conversion rate

What’s my conversion rate?

To let you see exactly how your webinars are converting, WEBINARIS shows you your sales figures in fine detail. You see exactly for which automated webinar at what time and on which device each sale occured!

Conversion Rate Webinaris
participant rate

How high is my webinar-participant rate?

One of the most important values for your automated webinar is of course your participant rate. These statistics show you exactly how many potential buyers registered on which date, how many actual participants attended and how high your participant rate is.

webinar participation-rate
page views and registrations

How are my page views and registrations?

This is where WEBINARIS shows you when your registration page was viewed and whether a registration to your automated webinar occured. The registration rate is immediately calculated from these values and shown to you.

Seitenaufrufe und Registrierungen
webinar interaction

How much interaction is there at my automated webinars?

Find out how many registered potential customers actually attended your webinar and when they attended.

webinaris Retention
spectator retention

How well does my webinar hold my participants’ attention?

This is where WEBINARIS evaluates for how long each participant was logged on to and watched your webinar.

Zuschauerbindung mit automatisierten Webinaren
Frequently used devices

On which devices are my automated webinars watched?

This is also a decisive value. On which devices do your participants watch your webinars? Desktop PC? How many watched on mobile devices? You can use the results to perfectly optimize your whole operation!

Frequently used devices
participants’ data

What data do my participants have?

On the overview page, you see all your participants listed, and you can then drill down into the data of whichever participant you’d like to analyse. From this menu, you can inspect, export or delete ALL your participant data.

webinaris participants data
Detailed participant history

Detailed history on each participant

Our participant history shows you all the data on your webinar participants. When, where and how did they log on?
When did they join the webinar? How long did they stay? What were their behaviors? Clicked a banner, filled out a survey? Which emails were sent to the participant? When did a DOI or opt-out occur? Were any comments left in the chat window? And much, much more ...

teilnehmehistorie bei automatisierten Webinaren
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The very best interfaces

Slide 1 - Direct integrations

Direct integration with the largest newsletter systems and CRM

WEBINARIS offers a long list of direct integration targets. You can for example connect WEBINARIS directly to Klicktipp, Active Campaign, Cleverreach, Getresponse, Infusionsoft, Quentn or Mailchimp.

Schnittstellen Webinaris 01-1
Slide 2 - HTML interface

HTML interface

You’re using little auto-responders that don’t integrate directly with us or to ZAPIER, and you don’t have your own API? Not a problem! With WEBINARIS, you can connect these systems yourself. Every newsletter offers an HTML snippet, which is needed for collecting newsletter data. You imbed this in your website in the usual way. Using this form, it couldn’t be easier to transfer your participant data to your system, process it some more according to user behavior, and then save it. WEBINARIS has thought of everything.
By using this form you can easily transfer your participants directly into your system. And you can even process them according to their user behaviour and save them. WEBINARIS has simply thought of everything.

Slide 3 - Interface miracle ZAPIER

ZAPIER, the interface miracle

If we don’t have a particular direct interface for you, you can connect WEBINARIS to more than 1,000 systems over the interface miracle ZAPIER. Configure your rules in ZAPIER and your data can then be transferred in all possible directions. You can, for example, have your data saved to either Google Docs or Dropbox.

Slide 4 - API for professionals

Proprietary API, for experts

As if that weren’t enough, WEBINARIS has its own incoming and outgoing API. Experts can reap the full benefits. For example, you can enter registrations directly into our system, from your system. Or you can receive all the data you deem relevant in your system. You can transfer almost anything in every direction using our GET interfaces.

eigene API Webinaris
Slide 5 - Tracking, tracking, tracking

Tracking, tracking, tracking

You can connect a large number of tracking interfaces to WEBINARIS. In Google Analytics or Facebook or any other tracking software, for example, you can track exactly the user behavior you want to analyse and adjust your webinar marketing accordingly. Whether your landing page, thank-you page, or webinar area is visited, whether survey results are viewed or banners clicked – it doesn’t matter. Transfer every event to your tracking tool.

Slide 5 - notification system

Not enough? Then here’s our notification system!

Easily automate sending emails for anything you want. This means you can comfortably and directly react to queries and potential buyers, for example.
Whether it's registrations, visitors to the webinar area or chat news, you can stay informed with automated notifications to your email address.

Benachrichtigungen-Webinaris (1)
Slide 1 - Direct integrations
Slide 2 - HTML interface
Slide 3 - Interface miracle ZAPIER
Slide 4 - API for professionals
Slide 5 - Tracking, tracking, tracking
Slide 5 - notification system

WEBINARIS is the perfect solution for automated webinar marketing. 

Our all-in-one package for the demanding