Rent my Webinar

Rent out your webinar with a click. Or, just as easily, rent someone else’s best webinar.


Rents out her webinar free of charge or for a fee, and makes it available – with total control and at the click of a mouse

​Customer B receives a special code from customer A. Customer B enters the code into his account. Customer A’s webinar is now copied to customer B’s account and can be used immediately to generate leads and win new customers.

CODE: e.g. 02esdf69



Sein Webinar einfach kostenlos oder kostenpflichtig vermieten und zur Verfügung stellen - mit voller Kontrolle per Mausklick

Kunde B erhält nach Freigabe von Kunde A einen speziellen Code, der einfach im Account von Kunde B eingefügt wird und so das Webinar von Kunde A auf den Account von Kunde B kopiert wird und sofort zureigenen Kunden- und Leadgenerierung von Kunde B verwendet werden kann.

CODE: z.B. 02esdf69


What is the WEBINARIS "Rent my Webinar” feature?

Was ist das WEBINARIS

"Rent my Webinar"- Feature

​“Rent my Webinar” – The latest feature from WEBINARIS enables you to make existing webinars available to any number of renters (e.g. franchisees, affiliates, partners, etc.) All it takes is a click of your mouse. You can rent out your webinars by means of a license for a fee, or share them for free – whichever best suits your business model, personal preferences or plans. In next to no time, you can share your best webinars with any number of “renters”, who can then use them for generating leads and customers, building customer loyalty, pre-qualification or product information.

​As a webinar provider, you can make your webinars available to your renters for marketing purposes with just a few mouse clicks. There’s no loss of quality or content: Your webinar’s content cannot be changed (except for the personalized URL your renter adds on at the end of the webinar). All you have to do is provide your partners with an access code or make your webinar accessible in your own WEBINARIS account. Depending on your business model, you can charge for the service, or share your webinar for free, and define a limited period of use.

As a webinar renter or user, you can present any webinar made available to you through your WEBINARIS account with just a few mouse clicks, and add your own landing page with a link to your website at the end of that webinar. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time! Save valuable resources, including time and money, by using good-to-go, professional webinars for your sales and marketing!

  • Quick and easy
  • Easy to rent out
  • Lower costs
  • Copy and paste
  • Uniform structure
  • Better marketing
  • Next to no effort required
  • Great time savings
  • Faster customer acquisition

How does it work?

Shared by the owner

With the “Rent my Webinar” feature, it only takes a click of your mouse to share any webinar in your WEBINARIS account with your renters, affiliates, business partners, downline, etc. After making one of your webinars available, you receive a code you give to your users.

Copy and paste

You share the code with your renter, who just has to copy and paste the code into their WEBINARIS account; there’s a special field for just this purpose. They then click the “Copy button” and the entire webinar project is copied to your renter’s WEBINARIS account.

Win customers and generate leads

Mere moments later, your renter will be able to independently win new customers and generate leads. Your webinar retains your personal mark and runs according to your rules and wishes. You retain full control and can either retract or update your webinar at any time.

Ihr Nutzen als Webinar-Vermieter

  • Set uniform quality standards for you and your brand. Ensure that all of your sales-network partners/reps/franchisees etc. are on exactly the same page when communicating your brand and selling your products to the outside world.
  • You’ll never have to hand out your videos or worry that not all of your webinars and marketing materials are of the same quality. If you change your webinar, all instances of it with your renters are updated automatically. Your whole network will always be working with the same up-to-date system.
  • People use your webinar, your process, your landing page, etc., BUT they all have their own URL and automated emails to customers are signed in their name. This means your partners interact independently with their participants, while you retain an overview of the statistics on participation rates and viewer loyalty to your webinars. You have no access to the participants’ personal data.

The benefits of renting webinars

  • Stay focussed on the foundational element of the marketing process: Participants! Use a proven webinar and place your faith in what works: Lots of new participants —> Ever growing turnover.
  • Use existing webinars but retain a complete overview of your participant data. You can precisely track who attended your webinar, when, and for how long. Respond to emails and questions. All emails are sent exclusively from your email address.
  • Generate your own leads and win new customers with assistance from your network. Full flexibility with minimal effort.

Real-world examples

Network marketing/ MLM

This feature is perfect for you as the owner of a network-marketing business or as a successful manager of your own team. Record and automate your “perfect webinar”. No one gives presentations like experienced, successful managers. Distribute your webinar along your downline. The goal: Maximal sponsor rates with full automation. Your team doesn’t have to do anything more than get as many participants to your webinar as possible. The system takes care of the rest!

Affiliate marketing

The “Rent my webinar” feature takes affiliate marketing to the next level. This feature guarantees that no more cookies are lost: A personalized recommended link is present at every point of the process (on the landing page, in emails, after the webinar). And your affiliates retain a complete overview of their participants, and can track them perfectly with the source ID.

Somit können Affiliates perfekte Werbekampagnen bauen und messerscharf tracken, welche Ihrer Anzeigen wie hoch konvertieren. Das hebt die "Trackbarkeit" des Affiliate Marketings auf das gleiche Niveau wie beim Produkt-Anbieter. Als Affiliate Programm-Anbieter machen Sie Ihre Affiliates zu wahren und begeisterten Vertriebspartnern.


This new feature enables uniform communication of your brand and messaging, which is extremely effective at promoting and representing your umbrella brand! The performance of franchise businesses in particular depends entirely on consistent brand experience across all franchisees. Your franchisees hardly have to raise a finger to win new customers and secure their lasting loyalty.

For example, as a fitness studio, you share your perfect webinar on fitness, nutrition, tariff models, equipment and an introduction to a coaching course with your franchisees. Now all your partner studios can advertise themselves and raise their exposure to win new customers or motivate existing customers to buy products or contract upgrades.

Training courses

Create and rent out fee-based courses to companies as one-off training courses or as continuous, cumulative training sessions for all employees. There’s a whole set of repeating processes for imparting information on specific areas such as specialist training courses, social-media-marketing basics, security, introduction to software, etc., all in high demand from many companies.

Specialized knowledge is the bedrock of professional work and thus for the success of your company. And good opportunities for continuous training for employees fosters employer branding and recruiting. Moreover, there are different mandatory training courses at many companies, which you could also provide and rent out. For example, data-protection, workstation-security and hygiene courses must be carried out in many companies.

Commercial agency

It really doesn’t matter which product you produce (be it financial, household, DIY, machinery, etc.), or whether your commercial agency sells your product directly to end customers or businesses, as the absolute expert, you can use a webinar to explain your product’s features and benefits to your target audience with great effect. Share the webinar with your commercial agents, then sit back as they advertise and sell your product with minimal effort using material that stays 100% true to your brand.

Sales representatives

Create wholly new opportunities for your agency. You no longer have to exchange “time for money”, nor will you have to create individual webinars for your customers at project prices. Instead, you can rent out your webinars for, say, €200 a month. You can create template-based webinars for your customers, and so build up a recurring monthly income. And you retain full control over the projects you create, and can lock them at any time. It is now increasingly the case that companies prefer to “rent” or “lease” than invest directly; even if it ends up being more expensive. Flexibility is any company’s top priority. We can guarantee one thing: Once you have an effective webinar, no customer will want to miss out on it.

…and many other areas of applicability!

Now available in (almost) every package rate, for free!

The new “Rent my webinar” feature is now available in all our package rates (except the Starter) for free. You can rent out all of your webinar projects in your WEBINARIS package. And you can rent as many webinars as you want (even at the Starter rate)!