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Alexander Müller

CEO Gedankentanken

"WEBINARIS is a remarkable piece of software. It isn’t only the perfect software solution for automated webinars, WEBINARIS also goes the extra mile entrepreneurs need to be really successful. To put it in plain English: With WEBINARIS, you don’t only automate your webinars, you get everything you need to produce EFFECTIVE webinars!"

Marcel Schlee


"After three years of hard toil with live webinars presented to over 100,000 participants, I had had my fill of webinars. Then I tested WEBINARIS. 14 days and 2,500 participants later, I had won over 400 new customers. The conversion rate is just as good as with live webinars! What more could you want? Numbers like these don’t lie: WEBINARIS took my online-marketing game to the next level."

Thomas Klußmann


"I’ve tested WEBINARIS extensively. People who know me well know that I leave nothing to chance; only facts and figures impress me. I did expect a higher registration rate, but that WEBINARIS also scored a better sales rate than I managed in live webinars impressed the heck out of me. A huge shout out to you and your team. Thank you!"

Alex Riedl

Next Big Thing GmbH

"For me, WEBINARIS is one of the most important and effective tools that I have ever used in my business. Both for myself and my clients, WEBINARIS is the best way to win new customers quickly and easily. And not only win them, but for generating lasting loyalty and making fans out of them. So thank you, Rainer von Massenbach, for this excellent system!"


"WEBINARIS enabled me to automate my funneling and customer-acquisition processes. It is elegantly designed and easy to use. Simply superb!"


on-connect GmbH
Winning staff in half the time!

"WEBINARIS is an irreplaceable tool for getting new customers up to "cruising altitude" through our online webinars, and for positioning me as an expert. I save precious time on every recommendation and new customer request thanks to my automated presentation on the basics. I then use the time saved on more profitable activity in an individual consultation with each consequently interested party. On top of that, potential customers can first get to know us in an anonymous, no-strings-attached way (customer journey)."


"Dear WEBINARIS team, I cannot tell you how much I love working with WEBINARIS. The instructions are first class. Even laymen have no trouble quickly getting to grips with the material. A top-shelf, future-oriented tool made even better by excellent support!" 


Improving communication

"WEBINARIS won me over me right off the bat. It delivers huge added value at really attractive prices. If you want to be effective today in marketing, using webinars is simply unavoidable. It’s my first choice: WEBINARIS, what else?"

Ina Strauch

"At first, I was merely curious about the idea of automating webinars. But right from creating my first webinar using WEBINARIS, I was a total convert. At last there is a platform you can be really productive with. The tutorials explain every step. The program is easy to learn and built up very logically. The email templates, interfaces and other tools make your life so much easier. And the support service is the best! I got the right solution for a very individual problem very quickly. What more can I say? Keep it up, guys! You’re the best!"



"Using WEBINARIS, I was able to increase my conversion rate enormously. This incredible tool has also made it possible for me to build trust in a simple yet very efficient way, and at the same time give my clients genuine added value in the form of well presented information that helps them decide whether to continue with me as a coach. WEBINARIS itself is very intelligently designed, doesn’t crash on you, and is uncomplicated to use. The support service is top class: Responsive, friendly and helpful every time I have needed them. Thank you one and all!"


(Nutrition Coach)

"WEBINARIS made my life easy right from the get go ... by being able to adapt to my potential customers’ schedules by offering more and more dates to suit their availability. The automation aspect allows me to run my business far more calmly than was the case with live webinars. I wouldn’t have been able to keep up the regularity of live webinars. I have no hesitation recommending WEBINARIS. And all of your questions are answered quickly and helpfully."


ituso GmbH


"Even the WEBINARIS webinar is so inspiring, just watching it gets your creative juices flowing! Our struggles to save time while winning more potential customers for our core business, as well as digitize and optimize other processes, were perfectly resolved with WEBINARIS. Thanks to WEBINARIS, we can explain our products and services in detail, score points with high-value content and reach potential customers – all on autopilot!"


Your machine.
Your income.

"The best way to help our potential customers make good decisions by giving them the most important information regardless of when and from where they want to access it. WEBINARIS is the perfect tool for making the consultation process more comprehensive and efficient, both for us and for our partners. Our conclusion after two years: Good price-performance ratio and the ideal addition to our toolbox."


"With WEBINARIS, I can share information about my offers with exactly the target audience I’m aiming for. But that’s not all. I can make my program so flexibly available to my clients that everyone can decide for themselves when and where they work through it. Even individual explanations on specific points are possible with WEBINARIS. And to make sure your efforts work professionally and technically problem free, WEBINARIS teaches you everything you need to know in detailed tutorials. Success is assured! Thank you, WEBINARIS!"


Marketing Automation Agency

"At our agency for automated marketing, automated webinars are, more often than not, a pivotal component for ensuring our clients’ success. We recommend WEBINARIS. The user interface is very well designed and the webinars run without any hiccups. On top of that, the excellent and free marketing courses offered regularly by WEBINARIS teach even us new and valuable tips and tricks again and again. Bravo!"

Dr. med. Ulrich Selz

Practice Dr. Selz
Doctor & author

"As a doctor, I find WEBINARIS to be the perfect tool for conveying complex information to patients and therapists. I use WEBINARIS to get people interested in my own areas of study and share with them whatever knowledge I can. The "Webinar" format is perfect for my area, because it’s technically easy to implement, and free of externals and distractions: Only the presentation and my voice count. With WEBINARIS, I can explain medical subject matter and have the time needed to take my listeners with me on a visual and auditory journey. They can give the material their full concentration. In addition to the excellent support, I also feel well taken care of in terms of any information I might need to improve the webinars I create."

Domenico  Anic


Managing Partner

"We were looking for a simple and efficient solution for providing our more than 8,000 partners with instructive webinars on relevant subject matter. It was important to us to be able to automate scheduling our webinars on different subjects multiple times weekly and at different times. That is exactly what we found in WEBINARIS. And thank you, too, for the always prompt and individualized support!"


Shuhari GmbH
Managing Director

"We have just begun testing webinars, but the support and comprehensive help materials we have received thus far have justified our decision most positively."

Elke Wörner

Wörner Consulting GmbH

"Thanks to WEBINARIS, I successfully digitized another area of my business. WEBINARIS is so easy to use and implement that it is fun to work with right off the bat. And if you do happen to need some help, you get what you need quickly and without any hassle. So I’d like to express my gratitude to the whole team for your support!"

Ariane David

Academy of Spiritual Development

"I have been a convinced and enthusiastic user of WEBINARIS for many years. I am by no means technically minded, but the intelligently designed options and individual configuration settings really won me over. And the support team deserves a special mention: I always received perfect advice in a friendly email, not some auto-generated text like you get from so many other platforms. WEBINARIS support is the best! Thank you!"


Hidden worlds

"Yes, I’m an enthusiastic user of WEBINARIS. Sometimes, the world of computers is something of a black box for me, it’s not really my thing. But I quickly became adept at using WEBINARIS software, and I think that speaks volumes. There are numerous explanatory videos and a simple structure that helped me create my automated webinars and get them installed on other platforms. It is a great relief for me and my business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jürgen Wermke

Marketing Automation

"In my experience, WEBINARIS is the tool that has saved me the most time while generating the most income. WEBINARIS allows me to be there for my customers 48 hours a day and solve their problems."


Werner Langfritz e.K.

"As an Enterprise customer and long-term users of WEBINARS, we are able to win new customers every day and have increased our turnover many times over through automated webinars."

Harald Grau

Kommunikativ Marketing


"A webinar participant wrote to me: “Your seminars are absolutely awesome. Through your webinars, the subject matter is explained in still greater detail, which deepens it and makes real-world implementation achievable for every attendee!”"

Franz Mairhofer

Tax lien expert
US Tax Lien Investments

"On beginning my studies of US tax liens eight years ago, I determined to share my knowledge and experience with everyone in the German-speaking world in 2013. After countless time-consuming live webinars the time was ripe for a change. WEBINARIS was that change. I have been using WEBINARIS for five years now. There is no better tool for my business. WEBINARIS is always innovative and up to date and I especially value its excellently functioning interfaces. I have enjoyed a truly passive income since I started using WEBINARIS. Thank you, WEBINARIS."

Dipl. Ing.
Ulrich Puls

Puls & Krauel GbR

Managing Partner

"For me, WEBINARIS is a very valuable tool that I use myself and recommend regularly to my clients. We have been on the market as management consultants since 1990 and used several applications, mostly of US origin, since webinars first appeared on the scene. We are also very familiar with German offerings. In our expert opinion, WEBINARIS offers the best price-performance ratio, particularly in the area of automated webinars, that you could ever ask for. A large number of great tools, intuitive usability and simple interfaces make it easy for anyone to use WEBINARIS for writing their own success story."

Christine Weismayer

Internet Marketing

"Hi, I’m Christine Weismayer, a.k.a. the Internet Grandma! I began an online marketing / affiliate marketing career a few years ago, in my sixties, and have become very successful with it. I’ve been a very happy user of WEBINARIS since 2014 and host all my webinars with them. I really appreciate the diverse but easy-to-use tools that WEBINARIS offers, as well as the help materials on optimizing conversion rates. No one else I know offers that kind of service. Thank you, WEBINARIS!"

Dipl. Ing.
Karsten Dreyer

Management Consultation Dreyer

I connect you with your customers

"I started using webinars as a replacement for my seminars and one-on-one sales talks as long ago as 2004, and with great success. Because it worked so well, I held more and more webinars, but at some point I hardly had any time left over for processing the contracts secured through those webinars. The solution was automated webinars with WEBINARIS, which turned up for me at exactly the right moment. The result was yet more success through up-to-date webinars of consistently high quality. I was an immediate convert. And should you have any questions, the WEBINARIS support team is the absolute best!"

Eva Stuhr

Mental Struktur

"Yes, there are other webinar platforms, but what separates WEBINARIS from the rest is that its users get a quality introductory course on how to create the best webinars. That greatly reduces the work you have to put in, makes it fun and saves you time. So I can recommend WEBINARIS to everyone without any hesitation. My mental state? 100% relaxed!"

Michael Mehle

Defense Tactics

Laumer & Mehle GbR.

"We are very happy with WEBINARIS. Easy to use with excellent evaluation tools and a friendly support team!"

Holger Korsten

SEO Expert

"I’ve used a US tool for automated webinars and have tried out countless others. None of them even comes close to WEBINARIS. The connection to auto-responders and the tagging are as ideal and easy to use as creating and automating webinars. I can’t recommend it highly enough!"

Roland Kopp-Wichmann

Trainer | Coach | Author

"My life-coaching blog has over 1,000 articles and also offers 10 email courses on various topics. I advertise most of them using automated webinars using WEBINARIS. Setup is not without its challenges but the templates and quick support service make it easy in the end. The response rates are very good, such that I receive a decent passive income every month. I highly recommend WEBINARIS!"

Ralph Hemmerlein

Owner concept marketing

"We use WEBINARIS to automate webinars for explaining our somewhat complicated products to our target audience, and it works excellently. We also win one new customer for every three participants. Automated sales have never been so easy. If you can use a mouse, you can set up WEBINARIS."

Chiara di Giusto 

Garibaldi Agency

Online Marketing
Branding Mentorin

"WEBINARIS has everything I need and more besides. Laymen and techno-geeks alike will find it to be the perfect software. I can’t imagine switching to another tool. One thing I find particularly helpful is that WEBINARIS is a German-language tool and so can be used with other German-language tools very easily. WEBINARIS itself has an endless number of setup and configuration options, and yet is still easy to use and intelligently structured. The support service is absolutely top class. I recommend it to all of my customers and friends who are in the market for a world-class webinar tool."

Linda Schmidt

laughyourlife COACHING

"I was expecting a decent Webinar process that was a pleasure to use. What I got was better than expected! It’s so easy to use, “even”  setting up the Webinar is fun. Thank you so much, keep up the excellent work, and thank you again for making this possible!"

Bettina Wingefeld

Virtual Assistance

"I’ve been using WEBINARIS since 2013. After a brief time away, I recently returned to WEBINARIS. From my experience, there is no better webinar software than WEBINARIS. What impressed me most about it is how easy it is to connect to other systems. I can connect WEBINARIS quickly and easily to, for example, Elopage or Quentn with no need at all for any programming knowledge. It Just Works right out of the box. The other thing that scores really highly for me is that my potential customers can so easily register for my webinars from the pre-prepared landing pages. Because I work in the B2C area, this is a vital functionality for me. So keep up the great work, guys!"

Claudia & Dirk


"We professionally set up our sales funnel with WEBINARIS in no time. Thus, we were able to win people for our vision: Live your dream of a happy relationship because we have gender peace and world peace at heart. My wife and I are enthusiastic about the simple set up and the variety of technical possibilities.”

Oliver Brandenburg


"We chose WEBINARIS because the software is so incredibly configurable. This means we can offer our customers the very best added value."

Sebastian Glöckner

Online course Coach

"For 2 years, WEBINARIS has been my go-to source for those clients who want to buy and use premium products. It is absolutely perfect for clearly communicating my services to potential clients, and then turning them into satisfied customers."

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